Your recruitment counselor is your guide and confidante.

What is a Sorority Recruitment Counselor?

January 10, 2011

A recruitment counselor is a sorority woman representing the Greek community who is disaffiliated from her particular sorority to concentrate her time and attention on you. She does not spend loads of time at her sorority chapter, does not wear her letters, and does not tell others which sorority is hers. To these sorority women, it doesn’t matter which sorority you join, just that you are prepared for the process. This article lists some questions your recruitment counselor should be able to answer and will help you to be fully prepared for recruitment.

Listening to stories about special experiences and friendships during Preference can lead to leaky eyes.

The Recruitment Finale: Preference Parties

September 20, 2010

Choose waterproof mascara. That’s the simplest, most universal, and safest advice anyone can give you about your last sorority recruitment experience: Preference. In this article, you will learn what to expect at Preference events, how they are different from the rest of recruitment, and how to deal with the emotions you and the other women might express.