Three Women You Don’t Want to Ignore After Sorority Recruitment

By admin, October 18, 2010

Have you already had an amazing recruitment experience this year? Did you find your new Panhellenic home? Congratulations! You are probably enjoying tons of fun activities with your new sisters.

This is great time to reflect on the other women you met during the recruitment experience. Don’t make the mistake of losing contact with them. Bolster your collegiate experience by including these three key women in your life right now:

♥  Your Recruitment Counselor

Certainly you are busy with classes, work, sorority events, and more, but make some time to have lunch with your recruitment counselor. She has been your guide in Greek Life and, although recruitment is over, she is still a great resource. She can help you learn about your campus Panhellenic from a different perspective than your new sisters. And maybe someday you will be a Recruitment Counselor guiding other young women. Your recruitment counselor is a great woman to keep as a friend.

♥ Your New Panhellenic Sister

You have new sisters in your chapter and you also have a whole community of new Panhellenic sisters. The student who joined another chapter after recruitment will remain a part of your college experience. She will continue to be your classmate and you will see her at events for Greek Life too. You have much in common, being collegiate women who are both experiencing sorority life, and you’ll find she can be an advocate and friend even though she doesn’t share your same ritual.

★ IDEA ★ Plan a reunion of the group of your recruitment group. What a wonderful way to reconnect and learn about each other’s new experiences. It will be fun to return to your chapter and tell your sisters what is going on with the other chapters on campus.

♥   The Unaffiliated Woman

Is there a woman you would still love to get to know who did not join a chapter? Now you have the “inside scoop” on recruitment and real sorority life. Begin telling the unaffiliated woman, in class, on your floor in your residence hall, or anywhere really, about the great experience you are having.  You can tell her about the exciting conversations you had and the valuable conversation skills you learned during recruitment, for example.

“Now that I have been through recruitment, talking to professors, making new friends in class, even asking my crush to hang out on Friday night is so much easier.”

You are probably still learning about your organization, which can make it hard to explain “sorority” to non-members. Simply tell the unaffiliated woman how it’s felt to connect with the chapter members.  Because she may have questions regarding sororities and the recruitment experience, you can now be her guide.

Extend invitations to these three women this week. You could quite possibly trigger friendships that will be as strong and lasting as those with your own sorority sisters. Do YOU think it’s wise to keep friends in other chapters?

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Mary Kate Lobough is a SureSister.com contributor. She is a past college Panhellenic Vice President of Public Relations and was a Greek Life graduate assistant at Eastern Illinois University. Mary Kate holds a bachelors degree in history and a masters degree in student affairs in higher education from the same institution. A member of Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority, Mary Kate has served on both advisory boards and housing corporations.

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