Summer reading time!

Summer Reading Recommendations

May 2, 2011

As summer vacation is weeks or even just days away now, you are probably envisioning yourself with tons of free time, catching up on your reading. We are here to help! Check our staff recommendations of almost a dozen great books.

Source: Order of Omega Website

Introducing Greek-Letter Honorary Organizations

April 25, 2011

Your campus may have one sorority or it may have twenty-something.  Fraternities? Now you can double the number of Greek-letter groups.  Starting to feel Greek-letter overload?  Add the professional, ethnic, religious, service and academic groups with Greek-letter names and keeping them all straight can be a challenge.  But there are auxiliary groups you may join […]

AF2011-Rush-Right-book-cover-for-men Announces New Men’s Division

April 1, 2011

Tacoma, WA (Apr 1, 2015) – staff members have discovered that the 2009 book RUSH RIGHT: Reveal Your Best YOU During Sorority Recruitment is being used in an underground fashion by prospective members of men’s fraternities on campuses across the country. In response to this discovery, staff members have launched the men’s division […]


Why We Care: Emails You’ll Never See

March 28, 2011

Admittedly, many of the emails we receive are from prospective sorority members seeking advice on preparation for recruitment. However, the majorityof our emails are from women who went into recruitment with the highest hopes… and were left heartbroken after being dismissed by all chapters. While “dismissed” is not the approved or technically correct term for […]

Should I go through sorority recruitment?

Deciding to Participate in Sorority Recruitment – Or Not

February 28, 2011

Here are three common concerns that stop women from signing up for sorority recruitment – and tips to help you get through any misconceptions that might prevent you from enjoying a rewarding collegiate sorority experience.

What are the expectations for your recruitment counselors?

Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors: A Study of Two Campuses

February 21, 2011

These are fictional campuses, but they are largely composites of real campuses as described by real collegiate Panhellenic leaders. Did you see how your campus might achieve a new level of success by making small changes to your recruitment counselor program?

Meeting sisters from around the country takes your appreciation of your sisterhood to a new level.

Discovering the Transformational Experience of Your Sorority Convention

February 14, 2011

Like most college women, I joined a sorority for the new friends I would meet and the lifelong relationships I would form. But my experience with my sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, was different from that of many sorority women. When I attended SDT’s National Convention in Chicago in 2010, I wondered if my experience would single me out and whether people would understand my unique background.

I'm not listening.

Handling Stereotypes and Gossip During Sorority Recruitment

February 7, 2011

Remember when “selective listening” was a bad thing? This skill, which is often highly developed during the teen years, can be of great use during your sorority recruitment experience. How so? By knowing which information is relevant and “selecting” out of the noise. Let’s look at three factors that may seem important, but only serve to make your recruitment experience complicated and stressful.

A day in your life as a sorority member.

A Day In The Life Of A Sorority Woman

January 24, 2011

Do you wonder what your life might look like as a sorority woman? Here is an example of a sorority member’s typical Monday on a campus where the sororities have chapter houses.

How much thought have you put into becoming a sorority member?

20 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Sorority Recruitment

January 18, 2011

Before you jump at the sorority recruitment opportunity, take a few minutes to make sure you are prepared for the decisions that lay in front of you. Here are two short lists to help you get ready for making the big decision.