Wear Nots for Sorority Recruitment

By admin, May 20, 2010

Once you’ve consulted with your Panhellenic leaders, follow these basic tips, and you will look and feel your best each day of sorority recruitment.

Recruitment Wear “Don’ts”

DON’T wear anything ripped, torn, worn out or inappropriately faded (faded jeans might be OK, but a washed out t-shirt is not). Holey jeans, frayed hems, missing belt loops, pilled sweaters – repair or reconsider, ahead of time.

DON’T wear anything that doesn’t fit properly – if it’s too tight, you run the risk of looking tacky, or splitting a seam trying to sit down (sounds like a no-brainer, but I’ve seen it happen). Things that are too big will leave you pulling and tugging and adjusting all day, and can look sloppy, no matter how well-cared for the clothing.

DON’T wear shoes that aren’t suited for walking – this includes very high heels and new, unworn shoes. You may be doing a lot of walking, and blisters are painful and distracting. If you MUST have those stylish stilettos with your dress, ask ahead of time if there’s a place you could leave a tote bag. If so, bring some comfy flats for walking and change shoes right before the party.

DON’T wear shoes that are TOO broken in, either. Make sure shoes are not “worn out” and that they are clean and polished, with no scuffs.

DON’T wear anything too “extreme” – too much jewelry or noisy jewelry, anything too short or tight, or too loose, or even things that make a political statement, could be viewed as distracting or offensive. You may not want to compromise, but consider the effect of what you wear – will sorority women notice YOU, or will what you wear overshadow your great personality and stellar achievements?

So, a final check – clean and pressed, neat and tidy?  No scuffed shoes or risky skin showing?  Are you dressed “up,” but not over the top?


Now, go forth and be fabulous!

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Beth Titlow Gittons is a SureSister.com contributor.  She is a former college Panhellenic president, student body president, Greek Life Advisor, and a local and national volunteer for Delta Zeta Sorority. Beth holds a bachelors degree in Political Science and a masters degree in Higher Education Administration.


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