Mary Kate’s 8 Tips: After You’ve Registered For Sorority Recruitment

By admin, August 23, 2010

It’s done. You’ve registered with your Panhellenic Council and tried not to over think it. But as the date of that first sorority recruitment event draws closer, you’re realizing you’ll need to make both good impressions and educated decisions.

Here are eight great tips to prepare you for the big events.

♥  KNOW what you are looking for in your experience. This way, you can be sure to ask thoughtful questions of the women you meet. Ask yourself, why do you want to join a sorority? Are you looking for women who share your passion for community service? Are you looking to become involved in athletic programs like intramurals?

♥  LEARN. Be sure you are learning all you can about each organization. Most chapters maintain a website about their organization. You can also find more information through your campus Panhellenic, Greek Life or Student Activities Office.

♥  PREPARE.  Discover your strengths by writing down your skills, talents and experiences. Think back to your activities, jobs and the interests you are passionate about. What lead you to being in important positions or earning awards? You will want to share what is special about you and these will be great conversation pieces.

♥  TRUST. Get to know your recruitment counselor. She is your guide, your main contact and your biggest supporter throughout recruitment. She will be checking in with you, providing important information and helping you make decisions. The Panhellenic Recruitment process is organized to help everyone find the best match – so trust the process.

♥  BEFRIEND.  Most likely your recruitment counselor will be working with a group of women going through the same experience as you. This is a great support system. These students will be your friends during recruitment. Although you may join different sororities, you will continue to see them throughout your college years.

♥  DRESS.  Remember when we were young girls and we would play dress up? Now you get to do it again. Be sure to take your new clothes for test spin. Try on your new outfit and make sure it fits before the day of the big events. Be sure to test out (and wear in) new shoes; you may be doing a lot of walking.

♥  PRACTICE.  Keep up the make believe. Have your friends, parents, and confidantes ask you questions.  Sit down and pretend to get to know each other like you would a new friend during recruitment. Remember, you want to be able to cleverly express to the women you meet how amazing you are.

♥  REST.  Get plenty of rest. Sorority recruitment is an exciting process but it can be exhausting, too.  You’ll be traveling to multiple events, meeting many new people and making thoughtful decisions. Leave time at the end of the day to relax and also get to sleep. Catch up on class assignments ahead of recruitment and let friends and family know the days you won’t have time to visit.

Using one or more of these tips will help you have a most positive recruitment experience – and make the best decision for you.  Good luck!

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Mary Kate Lobough is a SureSister.com Ambassador. She is a past college Panhellenic Vice President of Public Relations and was a Greek Life graduate assistant at Eastern Illinois University. Mary Kate holds a bachelors degree in history and a masters degree in student affairs in higher education from the same institution. A member of Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority, Mary Kate has served on both advisory boards and housing corporations. 

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