How can the SureSister PETAL System™ help YOU through sorority recruitment?

By admin, November 25, 2009

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.“ – Eleanor Roosevelt

Q. Why do women who have sisters in sororities tend to have the best luck during sorority recruitment?

A. Because that sister took the time to walk them through the details and advice they truly needed to make a favorable impression.

Designed for prospective new members of collegiate sororities, the SureSister PETAL System™ can help anyone who lacks that big sister with sorority experience, but wants to do well during recruitment. If you want to become a sophisticated candidate using your existing skills, strengths, and experiences, stop here and take a look.

The SureSister PETAL System uses five specific steps which include determining your strengths (Position), choosing experiences to share (Evidence), conversing with kindness and etiquette (Talk), dressing appropriately (Appearance), and evaluating each experience (Listing). The System helps you:

♥  Determine your strengths in the eyes of sorority members.

♥  Talk about those strengths in a way that does not make you seem conceited.

♥  Understand what your challenges might be and how you can counterbalance them.

♥  Understand the subtle nuances and intricacies that are part of making a good impression.

♥  Direct conversations with seeding and leading questions.

♥  Escape awkward situations with damage control techniques.

♥  Craft a mature, productive and enjoyable conversation.

♥  Choose what to wear in terms of make-up and clothes.

♥  Experience diminished nervousness and anxiety during sorority recruitment week.

Non-verbal signals, listening skills, resumes, and recommendations all have their place in the system as well. After learning each portion of the system, the prospective sorority member should understand how to position herself, communicate effectively, and make a specific type of impact on any decision-maker she meets.

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