Dear Mom and Dad: I Want to Join a Sorority

By admin, April 19, 2015


How can you support your sorority-bound daughter?

If you are a first generation college student or if your parents were not in a sorority or fraternity, they may be wondering how the sorority recruitment process works. Even if a parent was in a sorority or fraternity, he or she may be wondering how “rush” has changed – besides just the name.

These tips will help you talk with your parents about the idea of recruitment and sorority life – before, during, and after sorority recruitment.


✽  Research your options with your parents. Tell them why you want to be involved. Let them know about the events you will be attending and any sorority members you have already met.

✽  Share brochures, flyers or websites. You campus Panhellenic office should has information available about academic programs, community service projects, sorority housing and other topics your parents may be curious about.


✽  Your parents may have specific concerns. Are they worried about the time commitment? Maybe they are worried about the financial commitments. Be sure these questions are addressed either with your recruitment counselor or when you are visiting the chapters.

✽  Brag about the new friends you are making and all you have learned about sororities. Why do you like these women and this sorority? Why do you think joining a sorority will be good for you? Have you met a great new friend who shares the same major? Maybe she will be your new study buddy. Perhaps you met a woman who will join you for runs on campus and go to the gym with you.


✽  There are so many diverse women in sororities. Each of your new sisters is an amazing woman.  Your parents can get to know each of them through you and realize what a great support system they are for you.

✽  Find out if the Panhellenic council or the specific chapters have a Parents Club. There may be opportunities for your parents to get involved with the chapter. There are also events they can be invited to, such as Family Weekend or Founder’s Day events. There may also be a parents newsletter you can request your parents receive.

Research has shown the important impact a fraternity or sorority experience can have on a student.

“The research shows significant advantages that are specific to the fraternity experience. Some of the most dramatic areas of difference are found in leadership and community involvement. These differences appear to be unique to the fraternity experience compared to other student groups and prove to be essential tools for building well-rounded individuals that are more completely prepared to join the workforce.” (UniLoa: The Center for Learning Outcomes Assessment, Inc., July 2009.)

By reviewing sites like this, your parents may learn more about sorority life and be more likely to support your involvement. And they’ll be grateful, because supporting you is what they love to do.

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Mary Kate Lobough is a SureSister.com Ambassador. She is a past college Panhellenic Vice President of Public Relations and was a Greek Life graduate assistant at Eastern Illinois University.  Mary Kate currently serves the Assistant Director for Chapter Services for her national sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and has volunteered on both advisory boards and housing corporations for the Sorority. She holds a bachelors degree in history and a masters degree in student affairs in higher education from Eastern Illinois University.

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