Being a member of a sorority is important to me because ___________.

By admin, August 11, 2010

We at SureSister.com have a Twitter account. Occasionally we will solicit the opinions of our followers on a variety of topics. Recently, we asked people to complete this sentence:

“Being a member of a sorority is important to me because _________________.”

We were astounded by the number of immediate responses to this Tweet – as well as the passion behind them – and thought they were worth sharing.  The most common thought behind these responses of women from every Panhellenic group, from all around the country (and world), is …  parties?  Purses?  You be the judge.

@mahoran “Because my sisters helped me be the best me. Even in the alumnae world, I’ve met women that inspire me.”

@gabbyblack “The life lessons learned in sorority can’t be duplicated & the support to get u through each lesson is behind every corner.”

@LainaMo “Because the my sisters and my experiences with them molded me into the fierce woman I am today.”

@a_cappella_girl “Because I have a 24/7 support system.”

@alioutloud “Because of the lifelong friendships you make!”

@GustavusSigmas “Because in our bonds we can help change the world!”

@JMJOHNSON4 “Because I’ve been given the chance to find my true self and a group of women that supports me.”

@1ambitiouswoman “Because each sister helped me grow and learn more about myself. My sisters raise questions, break barriers, give advice, love me.”

@oxkarixo “Because of all the great things that you could only know by being Greek, but above all having the best friends you could ever ask for.”

@tericee “Because I move around a lot and joining an alumnae chapter helps me make friends.”

@cgilmore96 “Because it gives me the sisters I never had growing up.”

@chr1stiir3nee “Because I get to live in a house with 40 of my best friends! There’s always someone to study/shop/watch movies with!”

@Steph_Hardiman “I have to right all the negative stereotypes I believed before I was Greek.”

@StephZuk “Being a member of a sorority is important to me because my sisters make me a better person.”

@mintlipgloss“Because it gave me a lifelong connection to an amazing ritual & wonderful friends.”

@sorshera “Because not only did I meet so many different girls whom I love, I also got to hold amazing leadership positions & personally grow.”

@mintlipgloss “Sisters were my 1st friends in a brand new city.In the alumnae chapter, I made amazing new friends & served as a leader.”

@kmcdeepher “Because I’m challenged everyday to live up to a higher standard & make the world a better place with my sisters by my side.”

@naksinthecity “The amazing women I am proud to call my sisters & the amazing opportunities I’ve been given in my school’s student body.”

@thegreatestj “Because being a sorority member has offered me the opportunity to be involved in something and contribute to it BEYOND college.”

@phimu12 “Because I have met friends from all over that I otherwise wouldn’t have as a part of my life!”

@bigbootyb06 “Because it has given me the opportunity not only to grow as a person but to become a leader who’s made a positive impact on others.”

@eCusty “Being a member of a sorority is important to me because I need and appreciate their encouragement, support and advice.”

@dnidprncss “Because my sisters became an extension of my family which has endured beyond college; I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.”

@hasul09 “Because I’m a better friend, leader and sister because of everyone I have through this.”

@ValvisDos “Being a member of a sorority is important to me because I can always find a champion in one of my sisters.”

@GoodSKGirl “Because being in a sorority has taught me life skills that I use every day!”

Since it’s clearly not purses and parties, we think the commonality behind each of these messages is passion. Ladies, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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