Audaciously Practicing for Sorority Recruitment in Broad Daylight

By admin, May 31, 2011

You may be getting excited about your first year at college and your chance to participate in sorority recruitment. Orientations, emails and snail mail packets help you prepare for your arrival on campus. But how should you get ready for sorority recruitment? Here are five day-to-day examples of ways you can practice your conversation skills before sorority recruitment without taking away from your jam packed summer schedule.

♥ Family Vacation

Spending time with your family at the coast? At a theme park? Or on a cruise? In any of these cases you have a great opportunity to get feedback from people who really know you. Find out how they perceive you by asking questions regarding your strengths, weaknesses, and things they admire most about you. You can use that feedback in explaining who you are during recruitment. For example, if your family members say they admire your ambition, you can mention it to a sorority member and then explain what you hope to accomplish at college. Family members can also give you important “impression” type help. For example, if your family members notice that you don’t maintain eye contact when you are nervous, use that information to adjust your eye contact during recruitment.

♥ Supermarket Trip

Running errands or heading to the store to pick up some groceries? This is a fabulous opportunity to make snap impressions on complete strangers. Take this chance to smile and be friendly to other shoppers, cashiers, etc. Or take it up a notch on the difficulty factor. Can you make a good impression without saying a word? Can your smile or nod invite a return non-verbal greeting?  During sorority recruitment you will not have the opportunity to meet all the women of each chapter so your simple “presence” can be a bonus if it’s one worth noticing.

♥ On The Job

Do you have a summer job working at a local retail outlet, fast food business, or answering phones at a front desk? These jobs and many others allow you to improve your social skills. Practice being friendly, helpful, and welcoming. These are all qualities sorority women admire and look for in potential sisters. Working at a summer job may also give you a chance to interact with complete strangers and practice getting past shyness.

♥ Summer School

Summer school is a prime place to interact with fellow students and create relationships. Additionally summer classes are typically condensed: the duration of class is shorter while your at-home-workload is larger.  The condensed nature of your classes will force you to build relationships quickly, so take note of the introductions, conversation topics, phrases and non-verbal signals that help you make friends fast. Duplicate those during sorority recruitment, which is notoriously fast-paced.

♥ Lounging About

So you have some free time this summer? Why waste it in front of the television or updating your Facebook status when you could be out enjoying the sunshine or the company of your best friends? Visit a local 4th of July Independence Day celebration, volunteer at a local food bank, attend a summer concert, or join a local athletic team. There are tons of activities that are also opportunities to meet new people and make awesome memories worth sharing come recruitment time.

Recruitment is just around the corner so enjoy practicing your people-skills and gearing up for a great collegiate experience!

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Kristi Jensen is a SureSister.com Ambassador. After serving as the treasurer for her University of Oregon chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kristi served her Panhellenic community as director of continuous open recruitment and vice president of accountability. She also served her fellow students as a senator in student government. Kristi holds a bachelors degree in political science and Spanish.

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