Mother Daughter Love

Sorority Alumna Pens Heart-Warming Love Letter to Teen Daughter

May 5, 2016

For many women, the sorority tradition is deeply meaningful far beyond the college years. And when the time comes for daughters and nieces to consider sorority, attempting to convey the value of sorority reveals the depth long-term impact of the experience. In this love letter from a Panhellenic sorority alumna to her teen daughter, Amy […]


How to Quit Your Sorority

February 17, 2016

Syracuse University student Alex Purdy quit her sorority. And then she exposed it in a passionate video, detailing real-world examples of “mean-girl” behavior inside a private, secretive, sisterhood. As a proud sorority alumna and sorority membership advocate for more than two decades, I have to applaud her. And here is why. Purdy successfully accomplished what few others have. You see, […]


Dear Mom and Dad: I Want to Join a Sorority

April 19, 2015

If you are a first generation college student or if your parents were not in a sorority or fraternity, they may be wondering how the sorority recruitment process works. Even if a parent was in a sorority or fraternity, he or she may be wondering how “rush” has changed – besides just the name. These tips will help you talk with your parents about the idea of recruitment and sorority life.

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Identifying Potentially Toxic Sisters

April 18, 2015

One of your jobs during sorority recruitment is to look for women who will inspire you, lift you up, help you grow into the woman you are meant to be. However, you often have just a few minutes to determine if the woman before you will be friend or foe.  How do you quickly determine […]

Hi!  My name is Mary Kate Lobough.

SureSister Commitment to Pre-Recruitment Education Remains Strong

December 6, 2011

Our Ambassador Mary Kate Lobough recently attended the Annual Meeting of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors (AFA). Although SureSister staff members did not deliver an educational session this year, we are happy to provide you with this update written by Mary Kate. Technorati Tags: AFA, Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors, college orientation, freshman advice, gamma […]


Audaciously Practicing for Sorority Recruitment in Broad Daylight

May 31, 2011

Here are five day-to-day examples of ways you can practice your conversation skills before sorority recruitment without taking away from your jam packed summer schedule.

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Tapping Into Sorority Alumnae Before Sorority Recruitment

May 23, 2011

As you plan for your arrival on campus, who can you befriend to help you plan? Alumnae are women who are no longer active collegiate sorority members, and you can bet they will become life-changing mentors and friends for you. This article explains what Panhellenic alumnae are, both in terms of individuals and organizations, and how they can help you.

Summer reading time!

Summer Reading Recommendations

May 2, 2011

As summer vacation is weeks or even just days away now, you are probably envisioning yourself with tons of free time, catching up on your reading. We are here to help! Check our staff recommendations of almost a dozen great books.

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Introducing Greek-Letter Honorary Organizations

April 25, 2011

Your campus may have one sorority or it may have twenty-something.  Fraternities? Now you can double the number of Greek-letter groups.  Starting to feel Greek-letter overload?  Add the professional, ethnic, religious, service and academic groups with Greek-letter names and keeping them all straight can be a challenge.  But there are auxiliary groups you may join […]

Should I go through sorority recruitment?

Deciding to Participate in Sorority Recruitment – Or Not

February 28, 2011

Here are three common concerns that stop women from signing up for sorority recruitment – and tips to help you get through any misconceptions that might prevent you from enjoying a rewarding collegiate sorority experience.