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  • How the "mutual selection" process really works (page 20).
  • How sororities prepare for recruitment week months in advance (page 31).
  • How to quickly be perceived as likable by the sorority members (page 62).
  • How to choose the strengths you want to convey to sorority members (page 74).
  • How to minimize any traits that can jeopardize your invitations (page 90).
  • How to direct conversations by planting seeds and asking leading questions (page 99).
  • How to be perceived as an interesting person by using four rules of listening (page 112).
  • What you should wear, and what you should not wear (page 132).
  • How to easily evaluate your experiences to sort sororities in your preferential order (page 143).
  • How to capitalize on your recruitment counselor's insider knowledge (page 152).
  • How to recover from conversational accidents with special damage control techniques (page 153).
  • How putting the SureSister PETAL System™ into action now will benefit you throughout college and afterward too (page 177).

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"Not joining a sorority in college has always been a huge regret of mine. If only this book had been on the market when I was in school, my recruitment experience would have been much more positive.”

- Kristin Walinski, Attorney, University of Virginia (Charlottesville , VA)



Are you a Panhellenic officer or advisor? You are eligible for volume discounts.  Do your PNMs want this book?  Simply add your price to their recruitment fee and get them a discount they can't get alone. 

10-50 copies $19.96 each
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251-500 copies $17.47 each
501-850 copies $16.22 each
851+ copies $14.97 each

Prices do not include tax or shipping.  Please email for more information.

"I wish I had this information going into formal recruitment my freshman year! Now on the other side, as the head recruitment counselor at my university, I want to pass this information to all of the potential new members. Joining a sorority shapes the rest of your life, so finding the best fit is key. This book can help you get there." 
-Emily Coyle, Chi Omega, Head Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor, Washington & Lee University (Lexington, VA)


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